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What is Bankruptcy?

Personal insolvency, including bankruptcy is something that nobody wants to face. In this video Gavin Bates, one of our directors , explains a little more about what insolvency means, other options to potentially avoid bankruptcy and what could happen if you do need to take the bankruptcy option. Many people come to PBC with questions such as ‘will I lose my house if I take bankruptcy’ and ‘what about my car and other basic needs’ these are difficult questions and the answer will vary depending on your circumstances but we will work with you to make life improve as fast as possible. For many people, the relief of seeing a solution to their issues is the first sign that they are re-stabilising their life and turning the corner towards becoming solvent again. While the road may still be difficult (and we may not always say what you want to hear) talking and taking some advice could be the first step on your journey.