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Professional Advisors

Accountants and Solicitors

In all circumstances, when you recommend someone who can assist a client your own reputation is likely to be measured by the quality of service that person provides to your client.

At PBC Business Recovery and Insolvency we are proud of the fact a vast majority of assignments referred to us originate from other professional advisors.  In our opinion, it is important to ensure when an assignment is referred to us we remember the reputation of the referrer when providing the ‘Very best advice to the client regardless of the financial outcome to us’.

This approach has been key to our aim of building long term relationships and it is a testament that many of our professional advisor referrers have been loyal to us for many years.

We have many examples of cases which have been referred to us on the assumption that a formal insolvency process was likely, but the situation has been resolved without an insolvency appointment.  By doing this not only is the client happy but the referring advisor retains a client who is likely to stay with them for a long time.

Even in cases where an insolvency assignment is required we start from an approach of can the business of the company be rescued in some form or other, be it Administration, a Company Voluntary Arrangement or a sale out of liquidation.

PBC Business Recovery and Insolvency are not an accountancy or legal practice and therefore we often work with the existing professional advisor to the benefit of the client.  This may be, for example, by helping us by completing tax returns or assisting in the preparation of cash flow forecast.

Where a case requires both insolvency knowledge and practical advice (such as when you are facing the threat of recourse from another insolvency practitioner) we will work alongside your advisors to assist reaching a satisfactory resolution.

We are always happy to discuss any insolvency-related issue with you and your advisor. As always there is no charge for initial meetings which are both confidential and impartial.


It is common for directors to avoid lenders when times become difficult and often you are left in an uncertain position because of a lack of independent information that you can rely upon.  Our insolvency practitioners have many years of experience working with banks and lenders, including the production of independent business reviews to meet your requirements.

We appreciate you want to understand your position and need to find an appropriate solution preferably without the loss of a client or a bad debt.

Our reviews focus on the current difficulties, reviewing the business including its strengths, identifying areas for improvement and its financial forecasts.  This report will assist you in developing a plan that you and the business’ management can work towards while also providing your lender with comfort positive steps forward are being taken.

Sadly not all problems can be resolved and in those circumstances PBC Business Recovery and Insolvency will recommend a strategy to maximise recovery and be of benefit to all stakeholders.

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