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Mediation Fees

The following rates apply to all mediations from 1 August 2020 onwards.  The rates given are to be shared equally between the parties.  The rate includes preparation and reading time for the mediation.


Typically involves:

  • Introductory confidential telephone discussions with each party’s representative or the party direct if they are represented in person.
  • Coordination of mediation, including agreement of venue and date.
  • Receipt and consideration of each party’s position statement.
  • Confidential pre-mediation telephone call.


Mediations scheduled for a full day (see definition below) or more (Recommended)

  • Fee is £3,000 plus VAT (ie £1,500 + VAT per party)
  • Expenses*:
    • Accommodation – actual cost
    • Public transport – actual cost
    • Mileage – 50 pence per mile
    • £80 administration (virtual meetings by Zoom conferencing).


*The decision on accommodation and mode of travel shall be agreed by the mediator with both parties prior to any expense being incurred.



There are some disputes that benefit from mediators working in pairs.  This can be to reflect sensitivities amongst parties, for example where having mediators with different languages, cultural backgrounds or genders might add an important dynamic to the meeting.  It might also be where mediation is scheduled to last several days and involve numerous parties.  Their charges will be a matter for you to agree directly with them, but on a case by case basis, I can put forward a joint fee for both of us.


Assistant mediators

From time to time, I receive requests from other mediators to assist me in my mediations without charge.  If I consider it is appropriate to involve an assistant mediator, I will inform you in advance and ask you to confirm your agreement to their involvement.



A “Full Day Mediation” is defined as preparation plus, up to 10 hours for the mediation itself.

Should the mediation exceed the defined time (but is concluded within the same calendar day) overtime may be charged at an hourly (or part thereof) rate of £180 per party, which will be invoiced to the parties on conclusion of the mediation.


International travel

If international travel is required, it may be necessary for me to make an additional charge to reflect the increased travel time.  This level of this additional charge shall be agreed with both parties.



All prices set out above are net of VAT, which will be added to fees at the prevailing rate.


Time for Payment

Payment is due by seven days before the appointed mediation date.  Where parties are legally represented, invoices will be addressed to the solicitors.  Additional charges, if any, will be invoiced following the appointed mediation day.


If the mediation is cancelled

Provided that I receive notification of cancellation of a mediation meeting before I have read any papers and in any event at least seven days before the appointed mediation date, I will refund fees paid in full (save for reimbursement of expenses already incurred).  If the parties cancel with less than seven days of the appointed mediation, the full fee remains due.  If a party is considering cancelling a booked mediation, I urge them to speak to me first as alternative arrangements may be possible without incurring all or part of your fee.