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R3 guides regarding the Risks of Unregulated Advisers

These documents set out the misleading information provided by unregulated advisers and offer explanations as to:

  • why their arguments are flawed;
  • what consequences may flow from decisions taken on the strength of their advice; and
  • the correct approach to insolvency situations and the best way to get practical advice.

Copies of the documents are available from PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency Limited whilst the R3 website is upgraded.

ICAEW Guide to Restructuring and Insolvency

This guide is about how to cope with difficult situations, recognising issues early when they arise, and seeking the right advice at the right time from the right professionals.

ICAEW Guide to Restructuring and Insolvency

R3 have created a website covering all insolvency types which can be accessed by clicking the logo.

R3 Creditor Insolvency Guide

Options for Dealing with Personal Debts

The Insolvency Service has produced guidance to outline the various options for dealing with personal debts which can be found here.  Alternatively, advice can be found through the Money Advice Service.

PBC offer a free consultation to discuss your personal situation.  Further guidance, which you may be referred to after the consultation is outlined below.

Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs)

PBC’s outline of the IVA procedure which can be found here.


PBC’s explanation of the bankruptcy procedure can be found either here.  Alternatively, the Insolvency Service has produced a guide which can be found here.  The government has also produced a Fact or Fiction guide to bankruptcy.

In order to make yourself bankrupt, an online process must be completed and this can be found by clicking here.

Debt Relief Orders

Information about debt relief orders, including about the application process, can be found here.

Guides for Creditors to Fees charged by Insolvency Practitioners

The following guides outline how insolvency practitioners charge fees in the different insolvency processes, as well as how creditors approve and challenge the fees.  There are different guides depending on the date the insolvency process commenced.

The guides can be found here.