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PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency is an eleven strong team of business rescue and insolvency specialists.

Find out a little more about PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency

Who we are

PBC Business Recovery and Insolvency is a specialist business rescue and insolvency practice that provides practical, helpful advice and solutions to a variety of businesses and individuals with financial problems.

We know that dealing with these issues can be difficult and very stressful. Our approach is friendly, professional and effective and is based on a proven history of dealing successfully with businesses and individuals both locally and nationally.

This has resulted in us becoming a trusted and respected firm in the business community.

PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency Commitments

Our mission

  • Provide professional honest and open advice.
  • Provide the right advice to the client regardless of the outcome to PBC Business Recovery and Insolvency.
  • Be seen as a market leader in the SME market place.
  • Understand our clients’ issues and work with them to find the right solution for them.
  • Have in place at all times a trained team of confident and self-developing individuals.
  • Provide a high quality environment for our clients and team that reflects the company’s excellent professional standards.
  • Have in place robust and appropriate systems and controls that provide a seamless and compliant service together with an efficient set of procedures relevant to our team.
  • Encourage our team members to be ambitious and reward them for their efforts, achievements, vision and innovation.
  • Excel through a unique combination of our team, its ethos, skills and experience.


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ICAEW Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

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How do our values align with yours

Our values


PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency adhere to moral and ethical principles while working in this complex area of Insolvency Law. We are proud to have good moral character and honesty. Clients and stakeholders can trust us.



PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency display accountability in the responsibility for our actions, decisions, and policies including the administration, and implementation of insolvent estates. We explain and are answerable to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales who are our regulating body.



PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency are open in decision making and taking actions. There is a free flow of information about decisions and actions, from the firm to recipient. Clients and stakeholders are kept fully informed of developments and requests for information are dealt with correctly.



PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency have met the standards of education and training that prepare individuals for the insolvency profession, and we have the particular qualifications, knowledge and skills necessary to accept formal insolvency appointments. In addition to this we are subject to strict codes of conduct of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and we embody the rigorous ethical, legal and best practice obligations set by our governing body and R3.


Honest Communication

PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency work in a contentious industry, that said we do believe in honest and straightforward communication. We act with truthfulness, integrity and honesty at all times. Clients and stakeholders know we act honestly at all times.



PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency adopt strict controls for compliance to the standards expected of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. By choice we have an annual internal compliance review conducted by an independent reviewer. This means clients and stakeholders know they are getting the best service.



PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency are proud to say clients and stakeholders can rely on us to deliver what we say we will and to act appropriately at all times. We work hard on trust which is the cornerstone of the insolvency regime.



PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency are ethical. We understand the difference in right and wrong in conduct. We act in accordance with the rules and standards for right conduct and practice, especially the standards of a profession within the insolvency industry.


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Some of our feedback from clients

“My financial crisis stirred a myriad of emotions, most of which were negative and soul destroying. Thank heavens for some sound, honest and clear advice which straightened me out and, in reality, showed me it wasn’t half as bad as I thought.”
Businesswoman - Northants
“Myself and my fellow directors are very grateful for all the assistance Natasha has given as the MVL has progressed. It has all gone far more smoothly than we could have hoped. We definitely made the correct decision when we elected to appoint PBC to act for us”.
Company Director
“Gary is a trusted partner who can be relied on for obtaining the best outcome. Gary gives sound, practical and objective advice whilst taking care to look after people at the same time”.
Keith Willett – Lloyds Bank