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You must be busy……?


Whilst it is well reported that insolvency numbers are on the rise and likely to continue given the current economic difficulties, the above is a question frequently asked of us here at PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency.


The answer to the question from our perspective is, yes, we are. However, busy is not always gauged by the number of formal appointments we undertake. Undoubtedly, formal appointments help pay the bills but from our perspective “busy” is generally based on the amount of advice being sought when financial difficulties are experienced. To this end, yes, we are busy, but busy looking to help companies and individuals avoid formal insolvency processes and to fight another day. Of course, some companies are unable to be saved and it is appropriate that the doors be closed once and for all, but this is not for a want of trying, on our part, and those we advise.


If financial problems are being experienced or, indeed, they appear to be on the horizon, then take advice early from PBC. The adage of  ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ is generally very true – at PBC we are just at the end of a phone or email if needed – 01604 212150 or email


The initial meeting is always free of charge, confidential, no obligation and impartial, with the appropriate advice given.