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Time to pay thanks to Carillion?

Following the demise of Carillion, HM Revenue & Customs have announced their Business Payments Support Services are open to approach by any company or business that has suffered a short-term cash flow problem as a result of the large scale failure.

The Support Service will consider:

  • Instalment arrangements of tax due that cannot be paid on time;
  • Suspension of recovery action/proceedings;
  • Review penalties for missing statutory deadlines;
  • Reduce any payments on account;
  • Agree to defer payments due to short term cash flow difficulties.


Should you find yourself facing difficulties to meet your tax liability as a direct result of the Carillion failure then you may apply to the Support Service on 0300 200 3835 or go on the website at and search “Dealing with HMRC-payment problems.”

The obvious question this raises is, “Why is this offer being made for Carillion creditors?” At PBC we believe this could set a precedent for others who are caught under an insolvency process.  After all, what is different between a supplier losing (say) £5,000 in the Carillion liquidation to that under “Standard” UK liquidation?

At PBC we are often approached to assist companies with addressing tax issues whether in respect of trying to secure a time to pay agreement or by other formal means where appropriate. Should you require advice in this respect then contact PBC and speak to one of our insolvency practitioners on (01604) 212150 or email