That was the year that was

PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency proudly sponsor the SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2016

How many of you can associate with the question, ”Where did [the month] go?” In fact, it does not seem that long ago since I was looking back at 2015 to see what PBC had achieved, yet here I am doing it all over again!

Obviously 2016 will be remembered for the (Brexit) vote on 23 June 2016. It is clear we have a period of uncertainty ahead of us and there have even been claims insolvency practitioners will be extremely busy as a result.  However, at PBC we believe the economy is generally robust and while there will always be losers, there will also be plenty of winners so no need to panic or allow the media to talk us into a recession.

Despite what the pundits say, insolvency numbers have fell year-on-year for the past three years and insolvency practitioners are all bemoaning the general lack of new instructions. To be fair, PBC have experienced a similar trend, although the amount of professional advisors who recommend our services has continued to expand resulting in another year of growth.

I suppose two key events in 2016 were the launch of the PBC mediation service, which has attracted significant interest from solicitors and barristers alike. So far, the service has a 100% success record in settling disputes including a £1 million negligence claim against another insolvency practitioner!  The other point of note was the acquisition of another insolvency practice, Bottomley & Co who were based in Rugby.  As part of that acquisition the re-branded PBC Bottomley & Co moved its operations to Coventry, which provides further potential for work in a wider geographical area.

How many readers have experienced those moments when you wonder why you are working all the hours available and for seemingly little reward?  I am no different.  However, earlier this year an extract of an independent industry report was sent to us that concluded PBC was the 25th fastest growing insolvency practice in the UK and were one of only 62 practices regarded as strong in the industry.  I have to confess a slight puffing out of the chest with pride.  That preceded thanking the PBC team because it is their terrific team spirit and desire to ensure tasks are undertaken in a timely and professional manner that contributed to this independent conclusion.

Outside of our day job PBC have focussed on two specific areas.  The first is to be sponsors of the Northamptonshire SME Awards.  We are so proud to have been involved and it has to be acknowledged the entries received were indicative of how vibrant business is throughout the county.  Secondly and for very personal reasons for Kym Carvell, PBC have chosen the Ronald McDonald House charity as our charity to support for the remainder of 2016 and for next year.  Oh, before you ask, no it has nothing to do with burgers and a big clown!  Check them out in this article where you can find out more.  Alternatively, speak to Kym at our Northampton office.

Gary Pettit