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PBC continue to support business

What is your most valuable business asset? I hope most readers will respond along the lines of,

“Our employees, of course.”

Last year the directors of PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency were delighted to support the Northamptonshire SME Business Awards. In fact, we were so pleased with it that we agreed to support the awards for 2017.  So, what does that have to do with the opening question?  Well, if you acknowledge your staff are your most valuable asset what are you doing to enhance the skill and efficiency of that asset?

The training and development of your staff can be one of the most astute investments a business can make. The more they learn, the more efficient they become and the more efficient they become the more competitive you will be in your field of trade.  Certainly, that has been our experience at PBC where I am not shy in claiming we have a team that is envied by our competition.  Meeting their training needs has brought success and, in turn, the staff have developed into a team that means they support one another in the challenges faced, with the result being PBC meet the expectations of advisors who refer clients to them.

So, why not demonstrate to the business world of Northamptonshire that you also push the training and development of your team.  Enter the 2017 awards and get the promotion you deserve.  You can read about the awards and obtain your application on