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PBC announce payment in full to creditors in a bankruptcy.

PBC are pleased to report a distribution in full plus statutory interest to unsecured creditors in a bankruptcy.


The only asset in the bankruptcy was the debtor’s 50% share in the dwelling property, where his ex-partner resided. His ex-partner expressed an interest in purchasing the estates half share.  However, due to personal circumstances she was not in a position to make a market value offer and solicitors were instructed in respect of selling the property.  After protracted negotiation, coupled with an order of the court a sale of the property was completed on 1 December 2016.


The bankrupt’s half share of equity was received, creditor claims were agreed and they have received payment in full plus statutory interest. The additional benefit has been the balance of funds being returned to the bankrupt.


Gary Pettit of PBC said, “The outcome of this bankruptcy demonstrates the benefit of good negotiation skills, coupled with commercial thinking. It would also be remiss not to recognise the professional work undertaken by Katie Summers of summers nigh law for assisting me in achieving this great result.