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PBC announce large dividend paid from company voluntary arrangement

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PBC are pleased to report on the recent payment of a dividend from a company voluntary arrangement (“CVA”).


After consulting with a financial consultant and seeking advice from PBC, the company proposed a CVA to its creditors which was approved with modifications in December 2013. The arrangement consisted of a splitting of the company into two distinct trading entities which included the saving of the majority of the employees’ jobs.  The arrangement included the sale of assets and contributions from future profits.


Recently, the directors of the company approached the joint supervisors regarding the possibility of varying the arrangement by settling the outstanding amounts due in respect of the monthly contributions and the sales consideration by way of a lump sum payment. The variation was approved by creditors who have now received a distribution earlier than originally expected.  The joint supervisors have distributed over £92,000 to creditors.


Joint supervisor Gary Pettit said, “It is always pleasing to be involved in the rescue of both a company and the saving of jobs, both of which have happened in this case. The directors sought advice at an early stage which resulted in the possibility of a rescue option being available to them.  This has allowed the company to turn around its financial situation.”