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Early advice aids survival of business

At PBC, we have written numerous blogs and articles about how taking early advice about a worsening financial situation can lead to more options being available and the earlier the advice is taken the more likely a recovery process can be instigated. This message was true in the recent administration of Noble Express Ltd.

The most common reasons why businesses fail

The company, which supplied catering equipment, cleaning chemicals and other non-food essentials to the hospitality industry, entered into administration on 16 January 2018. However, the board of directors first sought our advice in the autumn of 2017, at which point the sale of the company remained a genuine possibility.  Unfortunately, no sale could be secured but the traded during its busy period in the run up to Christmas.  The director then sought advice again at the beginning of January.

Following the company entering administration, the joint administrators (Gary Pettit and Gavin Bates of PBC) traded the business with a view to finding a buyer. Several expressions of interest were received and a sale of the business was secured in February.  The sale has seen the majority of the company’s employees retain their jobs as well as an increased return to creditors.

Gavin Bates said, “It is always pleasing to see directors take advice at an early stage when their company is faced with financial pressures and difficulties rather than burying their head in the sand only to emerge when it is far too late. In this instance, I was approached early enough to enable viable trading to occur whilst searching for a buyer.  The early approach ensured there was both cash available to fund trading and stock in the company’s premises which meant I could trade without seeking further supplies from creditors.  I am delighted with being able to secure a sale of the company’s business and assets, and look forward to distributing the funds I am holding to creditors”.