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Don’t Let Late Payments Lead To Insolvency

How much does your business rely upon cashflow?

Does that seem like an odd question to ask?  Well, if so, why is it that a recently published report showed 60% of UK businesses expect late payment of invoices will increase?  Indeed, that same report claims we spend over 71 days per annum (equating to over £27 billion in lost revenue) chasing late payments.

We have all heard the phrase, “Cash is king,” but the vicious circle of late payment across businesses damages the economy and puts businesses at risk of needing to enter into an insolvency event.

Cashflow difficulties are invariably cited as one of the most frequent causes for business failure and at PBC we have seen examples where better credit control may have resulted in them avoiding insolvency altogether.  Indeed, in a recent liquidation a creditor was bemoaning had they been more strenuous with their efforts to get paid they may not have been staring at a write off now!

At PBC we suggest all companies need to take steps to accelerate payment of sales invoices as a sales ledger does not pay the bills, payment does.  That is not always easy to accomplish and a commercial view must be adopted at times.  However, if it has proven too late and you get that dreaded notice your customer is entering into an insolvency event then contact PBC and we can advise you of your rights and even represent you to ensure your interests are protected as best as possible.

If you require any advice or assistance on any insolvency-related issue, then please contact PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency to discuss and advise on your situation on 01604 212150 (Northampton), 01908 488653 (Milton Keynes) or email to  Alternatively, visit for further information.