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2017 – A Year of Change

Where has this year gone? It seems to be that every year flies by; why is that?  Age?  Maybe.  But then you think about it.  We never have a break between seasons these days.  With Christmas rapidly approaching advertisers are pushing us to book 2018 holidays and I will not be surprised if shops are selling Easter Eggs by the time this has been read!

Regardless, we are here and what has 2017 been like? In the world of insolvency we were confronted with the biggest change in the way we conduct assignments since 1987, which despite the years seemingly going quickly these days, 1987 DOES feel a long time ago!  The Insolvency (England & Wales) Rules 2016 were an attempt to consolidate, bring the rules into the 21st Century and improve creditor engagement.  Well, two out of three ain’t bad, as the song says.

The PBC Mediation Service started this year and its accredited mediator, Gary Pettit, can boast 2017 was 100% successful in terms of settling each dispute over which he presided, including a £1 million professional negligence claim by a bankrupt against his own Trustee.

So, what lessons have I learned from 2017? Well, there are probably too many (I am always learning) but two key lessons are:

  • Always be prepared to adapt to changes, both in business and in life. Business can be great but it can also be extremely cruel. Whatever you do, do not bury your head and think those problems will go away. Either face them head on or;
  • Take professional and independent advice. It is not something new but when you consider I am currently working with three individuals who all thought they could deal with the UK court system. All three are now bankrupt and face substantial statutory costs (in one of those cases, adding 50% again on top of their original debt). I am looking at ways to extricate them from bankruptcy, which could have been avoided had they faced their demon rather than bury their head.

Away from the day-to-day business Kym Carvell and Jamie Cochrane tested their stamina by walking from London to Northampton in aid of the Ronald MacDonald charity. There is a separate article on how they did so I will not spoil the enjoyment of the readers.

So, on behalf of PBC, may I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy 2018.

If you require any advice or assistance on any insolvency-related matter then please contact Gary Pettit or Gavin Bates at PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency on (01604) 212150.