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Are you getting the right advice?

A recent news article claimed that business insolvencies were the highest since 1993.

As usual with the media, this report cited the overall numbers and proceeded to break them down into their individual insolvency types. However, at PBC we question how meaningful the breakdown is to the readers.

The fact is, for most companies there are no less than 8 differing formal options available under the Insolvency Act and (following COVID) The Corporate Insolvency & Governance Act. Add the other procedures available for special circumstances and the range of insolvency options increases still further.

Sometimes the option is clear. For example, if a company is solvent and the directors are looking at a solvent wind down (usually for a tax efficient way forward) then you are looking at a member’s voluntary liquidation. However, regularly PBC find the circumstances surrounding a company lend themselves to a wider choice of the options. This is where understanding the business, itself and the issues confronting the company, together with directors’ preference determine the right way forward.

At PBC, we pride ourselves in advising the Directors of the right option for the company. We explain each insolvency type and the reasons why (or why not) that option ought to be considered. Naturally, there are occasions where it is news the directors do not wish to hear (or were not looking forward to their views being confirmed) but often, the advice provided comes as a huge relief and aids removing that “Sword of Damocles” that has been causing stress and sleepless nights.

As Gary Pettit says,

“I have been in this industry for almost 35 years and throughout that extensive career, have often heard directors ask how to place their company into receivership or they need to, “Do a pre-pack”. When I ask them for their understanding, I am met with a blank look as they admit to hearing about that procedure or, a friend told them that is what they must do. It is understandable because insolvency is a highly specialised area with plenty of “Minefields” just waiting for a director to get something wrong. That is where PBC take pride in guiding those directors into adopting the correct way forward, based upon the surrounding issues and circumstance.”

If you need any advice or assistance on any insolvency-related issue, then please contact PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency to discuss your situation on 01604 212150 (Northampton), 01908 488653 (Milton Keynes) or email to Alternatively, visit for further information.