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Liquidation, Personal Guarantees, and Individual Voluntary Arrangement….

During  the summer of 2023 PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency were in discussion with a director whose company was to go into liquidation.  It became apparent that he had provided a significant number of personal guarantees to company creditors that would crystallise and, with no dividend being paid from the liquidation, the guaranteed debt would fall on the director in its entirety.  The director was clearly concerned as to the consequences and we provided advice on how best he deal with these liabilities going forward – it was clear that it would be a choice of either Bankruptcy or propose an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (“IVA”)

Given our experience in dealing with personal insolvency and the fact that one creditor would have a significant vote if an IVA was to be approved, we approached that creditor, informally,  with a summary of the IVA to gauge their appetite to agree. We are pleased to report that the IVA was approved in October 2023 and the IVA has now been concluded 6 months on with the funds distributed to all creditors, resulting in the director being able to move forward.

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