Ian Cooke

I fell into the world of business recovery and insolvency (as do most). My first job was with the Insolvency Service having had my first child at 18 (not planned) and needed a secure job.  My wife and I now have 3 children and 1 grandchild having been together for 32 years.

After 7 years at the Insolvency Service, I decided to move into private practice in Northampton and I provide advice in respect of all insolvency options available whether it be corporate or personal. Once described as having “the common touch” (I had to google this term, having thought it was bad!) I strive to ease clients concerns regarding their financial future by providing all options available in a straightforward, jargon free and easy to understand manner. It is paramount to me that clients feel that they have been listened to and the correct advice is provided, and this advice will always be the right advice for the client.

Away from the office, being far too old to play football any longer, I try (with the emphasis on try) to play golf and snooker when time allows.